Brunswick, West Hove and Portslade u3a

Would you like to meet like-minded people to pursue your interests and develop new ones, in small friendly groups? If you’re now at a stage in life when paid work and other commitments have decreased, come and join us, expand your horizons and make new friends.

The u3a movement is a unique and exciting organisation which provides life-enhancing and life-changing opportunities for retired and semi-retired people who come together to follow their interests, not for qualifications, as none are given, but for the sheer joy of discovery!

The local u3as - The local u3as are described as self-help, self-managed learning cooperatives for older people no longer in full-time work. Members share their skills and life experiences in a wide range of Special Interest Groups.

Brunswick, West Hove & Portslade u3a

Our u3a is one of about 1,050 u3as all over the country with over 444,000 members between them. We aim to cover the areas of West Hove, Hangleton and Portslade especially, although anyone can join and we also have members from other parts of Brighton & Hove and beyond.

Special Interest Groups

Most of our Special Interest Groups meet in members’ homes or in a local café but for a few groups where this is impractical (e.g. Yoga) we hire a suitably sized hall or room. Each Group organises its own activities with a Group Coordinator. Some Groups meet weekly, some fortnightly and some monthly. Full details of all our groups can be found on the Groups page.

Monthly Meetings

In addition to the Special Interest Groups we have Monthly Meetings for all members in a hired hall during term-time. At the Monthly Meeting there is an invited speaker or some other activity and there are also opportunities to talk to the Groups Organiser about new groups etc. The hall where we meet is disabled accessible and has a hearing loop.

Educational Visits

We also have a termly Educational Visit to a place of interest, usually somewhere in Sussex. Members can sign up at the Monthly Meetings once the next Visit is announced.

These meetings and visits are advertised on the Events page once finalised.

Facebook Group

Paid-up members can apply to join our private Facebook Group, for which posts are not visible to non-members of the group. Members can post items likely to be of interest to other members, including local non-u3a events which members may not be aware of (but personal 'adverts' are not allowed). When applying to join you will need to give your membership number and/or name one or more Interest Groups of which you are a member.

Membership Fees

Our membership fee for 2023/24 continues to be £18. We offer a reduced membership fee for those who join part way through a u3a year and/or are already members of another u3a - more details on request to the Membership Secretary via the Contacts page. The u3a year starts at the beginning of September.

Privacy Policy

The full text of our Privacy Policy is on the Documents page.